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 Transformacões Divinas

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Lasts: 30min Cooldown: 3 hours

Each class has it's own set of transformation skills, the skills you get are also more than your normal transformations, but the rules regarding transformation are basically the same, you cannot use your class's original set of skills, subclass skills (i.e. the ones you get for your main from subclass) remain active, your stats are determined by your equipment, your abilities will not raise significantly, the 6 stats (str,dex,con,int,wit,men) will change to the stats of the class type of the transformation.

Sacrifice Skills
Each class has a sacrifice skill, your HP will go to 0 after usage and you cannot be healed or use health potions for a duration, you should be prepared to die once you use this skill. Different classes have different usage conditions:

Fighter-type: 30% HP or lower Mage-type: 10% MP or lower

Transformation Level
Each transformation has 3 levels, if you choose similar type subclasses (warrior, enchanter...etc.) and get them all to lvl 80 you can level up the transformation, but currently no one knows what changes you get if you level the transformation up. Maybe your stats change, or maybe you get more or better skills.

Divine Warrior


Attacking enemy using hurricane force, can critical, power 2904
Attacking enemy at range using sword force, can critical, power 2323
Attack surrounding enemies (earthquake), ignores shield defense, can critical, power 2323
For a short duration greatly increase your own attack strength, effect 2
Poison an enemy with a poison needle, power 1689, effect 3
Sacrifice your own life to increase party's attack power

Divine Knight

Hate, power 6752
Hate Aura, power 6752
Attack target while rushing at target, stuns target, can overhit, power 1162
Attack surrounding enemies, stuns enemies, ignores shield deffense, can overhit, power 775
Greatly increase your pdef, mdef and resistance to buff cancelling attacks, cannot move while in effect, effect 2
Swing your axe to hit enemies in front of you, power 2322
(... dosent much sense here... but i'm guessing it's a rush attack), power 1900
Sacrifice your life, boosts party's defenses (pdef and mdef probably)

Divine Rouge

Divine rouge is a combination of archer and dagger, hence you get skills for both weapons, but the skills are also limited by weapon-type...

When attacking enemy has chance of removing buffs (not sure..) and stunning target, can only be used with a bow, can overhit, power 2323
Shoot two arrows simultaneously, lethal strike is possible, can overhit, power 6195
bleed shot, can over hit, power 1549, effect 3
strong attack, can instant kill, can only be used with dagger equipped, power 6969
for a short duration increase your evasion
Attack enemies behind you, power 2111
Sacrifice your life, increases party's evasion

Divine Healer

Heal target's HP overtime, power 946
Instantly recover target's HP, power 826
Heals party's HP and increase HP regeneration, power 400, effect 5
Resurrection, recovers 70% of target's experience lost
Removes debuffs from target
Sacrifice your life, recovers HP and MP of all party members (not yours obviously)

Divine Wizard

Aura Flare, during PVP your matk will decrease, power 102
Sacred magic attack, can overhit, power 128
AoE sacred attack, power 64
AoE sleep, while slept target's resistance to sleep increases (doesn't say it won't land at all)
Increase dark resistance, decrease holy resistance, effect 3
Sacrifice your life, recovers (wtf they left out what it recovers but i'm guessing mp) of party members

Divine Enchanter

PoWater, consumes 5 spiritore
PoFire, consumes 5 spiritore
PoWind, consumes 5 spiritore
Target CoV (not party buff), consumes 5 spiritore
AoE Root, if target rooted already it has no effect
Sacrifice your left, increases all abilities of party

Divine Summoner

Picture: Sacred Beast

Summon sacred beast, summoning consumes 2 A Crystals, consumes 1 extra A crystal each time it usually consumes crystals
Transfer pain, continuously consumes MP
Final Servitor (CoV for summon), consumes 20 spirit ore
Servitor Heal, power 991
Sacrifice your life, increases party's critical rate
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Transformacões Divinas
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